The mission of 赌博的app平台 is:

  • To offer a university-level liberal arts and science education which is Scripturally directed and explores the relation of faith, learning, and living from a Reformed Christian perspective;
  • To support research and creative endeavor in this context.

Central to this mission are the following objectives:

  • To advance knowledge through excellence in teaching and in scholarship;
  • To be an academic community in which 学院, staff, and students can develop intellectually, socially and spiritually;
  • To equip students for lives of leadership and service under the Lordship of Jesus Christ;
  • To reach out through academic service to society;
  • And in all these things to glorify God.

The vision of 赌博的app平台 is:





Institutional Purpose


  • to discern the biblical basis of a Christian worldview,
  • to translate this worldview into a systematic framework for academic work,
  • to acquire an understanding of the profoundly religious nature of cultural formation,
  • to acquire an historical awareness of the conflicting spiritual roots of contemporary culture, and
  • to apply and develop these insights in the various liberal arts and science and in an area of disciplinary specialization.


这个圣经的指导教育方案的框架中的基础和原则的声明,这是赌博的app平台章程的部分被划定。它被赋予的表达在一些教育方针,以及身份和赌博的app平台的目的更充分的表达可以在小册子中找到“The Cross and our Calling“。

Statement of Basis and Principles

Our supreme standard is the Bible. These Scriptures, both Old Testament and New, reveal some basic principles relevant to education, which we affirm:

  • 圣经: The Scriptures are the written and inspired Word of God, the infallible and authoritative rule of faith for the direction of the whole of life.
  • 创建: 上帝创造并通过他的话所有的许多方面构成的宇宙。创作的意义主要集中在人,神的形象旗手,与他建立了耶稣基督一种特殊的契约关系。
  • 罪: 人的悖逆,这在全人类的,异化的男子从他的创造者,他自己,他的同胞和创造的剩余带来神的诅咒;扭曲他的生命的意义和目的视图。和误导人的文化和学习。
  • 赎回: Christ, the Word of God incarnate, is the only Redeemer, the Renewer of our whole life. He restores man and the rest of the creation to God and calls man back to his God-appointed task in the world.
  • 人类生活:人天生宗教的存在。所有的人的生命,其中包括教育工作的,必须被理解为一个真神的响应。因此,男人无论是供应的主或他自己制造的神。
  • 知识: 上帝,自我,创造其余的真知仅由耶稣基督真信心的手段成为可能,在其中发现的智慧和知识,所有的宝物。达到真正的知识,只有当圣灵神的整合字启迪人们的心灵,并设置他们的道理。然而,在堕落后,上帝仁慈的天意,那些谁拒绝神的话确实提供了不少有价值的见解转化为现实的结构。
  • Teaching and Learning: 在他们的学术背景下,在赌博的app平台教师被称为引导学生走向神的世界和它的历史有了更深的了解,帮助他们达到一个成熟的文化在圣经信仰接地。为了进行这项通话中,教师和学生应该努力去发现上帝的律法和创造的结构,使学生可以有效地保护了他们的具体职责和职业的方式,将进一步领主的王国的到来。我们认为,依据和原则,这种说法是完全和谐不仅与经文也与改革的历史信条。

(This statement in its original form is a founding document adopted by the institution’s membership in 1981. All references to “man” are intended to be gender inclusive.)

教育al Guidelines

In all courses students:

  • should receive instruction which meets high academic standards, both in the level of understanding which is demanded and in the range of material covered
  • must attain a good understanding of the basic themes of biblical revelation, especially the all-embracing scope of creation, fall, and redemption
  • should learn the rudiments of a philosophical frame work which is shaped by a biblical worldview and gives some perspective on the interrelatedness of academic disciplines
  • 要获得西方的主要历史运动的一个基本的了解,特别敏感的品种竞争的宗教世界观已经进入了当代北美,具体而言,加拿大社会的建设
  • develop a sensitivity to the foundational questions in their fields, and be able to relate them positively to a Christian philosophy and worldview
  • acquire some critical familiarity with the main competing schools and trends in their disciplines, both past and present



The Cross and Our Calling 最初写于2003年的方式,让更充分的体现赌博的app平台的宗教身份和创始愿景以服务求更广泛的基督教社区改革后的基督教机构。此文件基础上大学的其他赌博的app和官方文件,如基础和原则,对教育方针的声明。

阅读PDF副本, or request a hard copy by contacting the Communications Office.