Application Intakes

For the Consecutive 教育 program, Redeemer accepts applications from September 15, 2019, to 2020年5月15日, in two intake periods. Those who apply in time for the first intake and qualifies will be contacted for an interview before the second intake application deadlines and interviews occur. Application is closed from May 16, 2020, to September 14, 2020.

First Intake Deadlines Second Intake Deadlines
2020年1月15日 Applications for the Consecutive Teacher 教育 Program must be received by this date to be assessed for the interviews hosted in February. 2020年5月15日 Applications for the Consecutive Teacher 教育 Program must be received by this date to be assessed for an interview hosted in June.
2020年8月1日 Final transcripts must be received. 2020年8月1日 Final transcripts must be received.

Application Process

  1. 线上申请!
    Start and submit your application online which includes space to write a personal statement of goals & experience. It’s $80 to apply. Click here to review upcoming deadlines.
  2. Submit two references
    On the application, you will be asked to provide the names and contact information of two individuals who are familiar with your volunteer experience and/or are able to describe your skills and personal qualities that would make you a suitable candidate for the Bachelor of 教育 program. Each reference will be sent a secure online form for them to submit their reference on your behalf.
  3. Send in your transcripts
    Request and submit up-to-date and official transcripts from your post-secondary institution(s). Transcripts need to come to us directly from the guidance/registrar office (whether it be a hard copy by mail or a photocopy by email). Transcripts sent from schools outside Canada/USA must be sent through a World 教育 服务 (WES) course-by-course evaluation.

In order for your application to be complete, all materials must be received by Redeemer by the intake deadline.  Once your application is complete and reviewed, eligible applicants will be invited to interview with the education 学院 concerning their interest in and qualifications for a career in teaching.

The interview process consists of a 30-minute written component, followed by a 15-minute interview which will include a 5-minute lesson presented to two of Redeemer’s education professors. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.





每学分 $ 559.73
Full course (3 credits) $ 1,679.19
Full year (10 course) $ 16,791.90


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